Welcome to My Tattoo Removal

clinical-q-switched-machineSo you hate your tattoo, right? You really wish that you could turn back time and get rid of it, but you are worried about the process?

Let me talk you through it. Basically, we chat with you and talk about your tattoo, how old it is, discussing the colours and time we expect it to take to remove as well as any concerns, questions etc.

We take a photo of it, so we can then have a ‘before’ shot for you so we can track your progress.

When we are performing the removal, it is usually over fairly quickly (obviously, bigger tattoos take longer than smaller ones). So most people ask: Does it hurt? Yes and no. It depends where the tattoo is. Some areas on the body hurt more than others (like bony areas – ankles, lower spine etc) but it mainly feels like a flicking sensation.

After we are finished, we ice the area because that is when the body’s reaction will kick in to the removal. It can swell, and feel quite hot. Don’t worry, this is temporary. We will apply the appropriate medicated powder to the area to ensure that the tattoo stays sterile and free from infection. We then apply a bandage which you will need to keep on for 24 hours.

So what then?

You need to keep the area CLEAN and DRY. We need the area to heal (which can include scabbing and blistering). We strongly recommend the aftercare products that you will be offered at the time of the tattoo treatment. Once the skin has FULLY healed, we will do our subsequent treatment (usually around 6 weeks).

One of the most common questions is ‘how long will it take to fully remove my tattoo’?

Generally, seven treatments is a good guide. The variables are the colours in the tattoo, the type of ink used, and how old the tattoo is. The other thing is, you may be happy to have a faded tattoo. Others may want the tattoo removed fully.

So now that we have covered your tattoo, do you have pigmentation that you want gone?

Pigmentation can be removed in as little as one session or as many as 4, depending on how you want the healing time to be for you. If you are happy to have more down time, we can have the session done in one (depending on the size of the area to be treated). Again, as with tattoo removal, we strongly recommend an aftercare program for you that will assist in faster healing and repair of your skin.

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